Zoom in for Quick Cash for 'Wheels'

Zoom In For Quick Cash For "Wheels"

Can you pawn a car?

The current economy is turbulent. Food prices rise daily, and gas is expensive. You work each day, but your paycheck seems to be shrinking. Oh, too often, you are trying to get by. Have you considered a car title loan or to pawn a car?

Sometimes a situation comes up, and you need some help getting by. Emergencies happen, and you don’t have enough in your bank account to cover expenses. A auto pawn loan may be the answer.

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Pawn King, located in Stratford, CT, is here to help. Will and Cheryl are the owners of Pawn King and want you to know that they treat every customer with fairness and respect. They understand that some quick cash in any loan amount may be just what you need to make it through and keep moving forward.

Pawn King will consider anything of value. There is nothing too large.

At Pawn King, you can pawn your car, providing you have the correct documentation and a state-issued ID.

Title pawns are something that Pawn King does well and will work with you on reasonable lowest monthly payments that pay off the loan principal in a timely fashion so as not to rack up interest. A larger title pawn loan is not a problem for Pawn King, and we will work with you, unlike some traditional loan companies.

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It's Based on Value, Not On Credit Counseling, Credit History, or Good or Bad Credit.

Pawn Shops buy and loan on cars based on their value? Pawn Shops are quick to get a loan through, and they don’t have 2 or 3 months to earn cash by trying to sell your car on Facebook Marketplace or at a dealership.

You are at an advantage because you can avoid “tire kickers” who say they will come by and buy your car off Craigslist. You won’t have to answer question after question, nor will you have to waste time in long-drawn-out negotiations that result in empty-ended offers.

The process is simple. Pawn King works with its customers as title pawning partners, so they get the loan amount they need in relation to the car’s appraised value.

Qualify for a Title Pawn Loan Using Your Car as Collateral

How to Qualify for a Title Pawn Loan Using Your Car as Collateral

Pawn shops don’t require customers to qualify like a bank or other financial institution. Pawn shops aren’t car title loan companies, personal loan companies, or banks. Pawn shops don’t require employment history, credit checks, or a bank statement. They aren’t concerned with your poor credit history, if you have bad credit, or if you have no credit history. You don’t have to wait for final approval because your vehicle secures your loan.

Pawn King will set up a cash loan using your vehicle as collateral as long as you have a title that shows you own the car free and clear. A clear title is needed to obtain a loan, and auto pawn loans are easy with Pawn King.

Depending on the car’s value, no amount is too big for Pawn King to fund.

Pawn King is a reputable pawn shop that focuses on the customers’ needs. We buy, sell, and loan on gold, silver, cars, trucks, luxury jewelry, and anything of value. We will work up a car title loan on trucks, heavy equipment, cars, camp trailers, and other vehicles.

We have a large retail storefront making it easy to find just what you need when you are in the market for a specific item at a reasonable price.

Car Title Loans

Do Some Homework - To Get Cash Quickly

First, make sure that you have your car title and it shows that you own your car and there is no lienholder.

Second, do some research to determine what your car may be worth in today’s market. Pawning your car is easier if you know what your vehicle is worth and can trust the pawnbroker will do a complete and honest appraisal. Pawn King knows cars, and you can rest assured that they have a long history of doing auto pawn loan services.

Third, put in a bit of elbow grease and clean up your car. When you bring your vehicle in for emergency cash, you want the most money you can get, and having a clean car will help. A tidy car presents well and shows you have taken care of it, and this will help when you talk about the loan amount you need.

Fourth, if there are simple repairs that need to be done, do them. Say, for instance, the car needs new windshield wipers. Putting on a pair of windshield wipers tells the pawnbroker you have maintained your vehicle, and the quick cash you get from pawning your vehicle could be more.

Fifth, take some time to decide if you want to sell your car or get a pawn loan using your car as collateral. Needing emergency cash for unexpected expenses or a quick loan to tide you over can come up unexpectantly. Financial emergencies are not planned for; they happen.

Slow down long enough to decide which would be a better option, to sell or pawn? Motor vehicles are a great way to get quick cash, and Pawn King will work with you, so you understand the process, the interest rates, what the monthly payments will be, and on what due date so if you decide to pawn a car, you can do so with confidence.

With Pawn King, there are never any hidden fees!

Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn King focuses on meeting customer needs with the best title pawn terms in the East End, Stratford, East Side, North Bridgeport, Mill Hill, and Bridgeport areas. We are not a title loan company or a payday loan company; we are a title pawn company that you can work with knowing we make title pawning easy.

If you decide you want to borrow against your car and get a loan, even a considerable loan amount, the pawnbroker will talk with you about the amount of money you need and how it compares to the appraised value of your car. We will make you an offer, and as long as you are the legal owner of the vehicle and have a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID, we can get you the loan.

After you have repaid the terms of your auto pawn loan, your car will be returned to you. Sometimes people need to have a little more time to pay their pawn loan off, and we work with you on this, so it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Unlike car title loans that require you to “qualify,” car title pawn requires you to let Pawn King hold your car and the car title until the terms of the loan are paid in full.

If you decide to sell your car outright, you will meet with the pawnbroker and negotiate a price based on the car’s value. Your clear car title will need to be signed over to Pawn King, and it will then be resold to an interested party. You will leave with a smile on your face and money in hand.

The entire process is confidential and respectful.

Quick Cash

Another Option to Consider – “A Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Pawn King specializes in finding solutions during financial setbacks like title pawn loans, pawning luxury items, and giving cash assistance through bridge loans.

What is a bridge loan?

A bridge loan is a short-term loan used to bridge the gap between buying something of value and selling something of value. Sometimes you want to buy before you sell, meaning you don’t have the profit from the sale to apply to your new purchase.

It is a creative way to get the cash you need right away and still sell your car or another valuable item so you can pay off the loan quickly. What do you have to lose?

If the title pawn loan is based on the car’s appraised value as collateral, you can list your vehicle to include the amount of the loan and whatever else you think you can get. You can list the car and sell it, disclosing to the potential buyer that the pawn shop has a lien on the title that will need to be paid in full before the title is clear. Once the money is available, the title pawn loan can be paid off and the car transferred into the potential buyers’ possession.

About Pawn King

About Pawn King

Will, the owner of Pawn King, has the motto that his business will provide a fair and confidential process where people can buy, sell, trade, and pawn anything of value. We specialize in large or odd items at Pawn King, and nothing is too small or too big for us to consider. Our pawn shop is the top-rated pawn shop in Stratford, CT, and welcomes customers from Lordship, East End, East Side, North Bridgeport, Mill Hill, Bridgeport, Reservoir Whiskey Hill, Brooklawn St. Vincent, and The Hollow and surrounding areas. We strive to make every customer a long-term customer who comes back often.