Gold & Silver
We buy, sell, and loan on gold & silver jewelry, bullion, and more

Bring Down Your Gold Or Silver For Instant Cash Today

How We Operate

Gold Prices and Silver prices change based on the live market price, and our offer for your Gold and Silver will fluctuate with the market. Depending on your item(s).

We buy gold and offer lab quality results with our XRF and state of the art gold testing equipment. We also have a Sigma pro for bullion. We offer the most % on spot price (market price) and pay 70-85% for gold scrap.

No Deal is Too Big For Us. We provide free consultations for the value of your precious metals.

How We Value Gold & Silver

We value gold based on the current market value. There are several types of gold and silver such as; 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, Pure, 585, 750, 800, 925, and Sterling. These types typically identify the percentage of gold or silver in your item. For example, 14k means 58.5% gold where 22k means 91% gold. The purer your gold or silver, the more we pay. We pay between 70-97% on the value of your precious metal.

We Buy Broken Jewelry

We buy broken gold and silver jewelry. We buy anything with gold or silver value and can test with one of various tests and methods we do in house. We also will test your gold, silver, and diamond free of charge.

We Buy Bullion & Coins

We buy all gold & silver bullion & coins even if they aren’t stamped. we are a certified gold buyers in stratford. If they do not have silver or gold, we will still take a look to see if there is value for the purchase. If your coin is authentic NGC and PCGS graded we will make an offer.