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March and April mark the calendar when people start spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is said to have started in the 50s, and it was a way to declutter and reduce stress and depression after a long winter.

When spring cleaning, you may be going through your garage or shop and notice you have several tools you are no longer using. You probably bought the name-brand tools or a specific model because you needed it for a unique construction project. Now that the project is done, the tool isn’t required.

Instead of just getting rid of the tools you can get a fair price by selling them to a local pawn shop. Name brand tools hold their value, and pawnshops will buy them to add to their retail shop as well as to sell on their online stores.

You could sell your tools on Craigslist, Marketplace, or eBay, but with this comes tire kickers, shady people wanting to meet up, and buyers who end up not paying. Secondhand tools that are name brands last for years and typically work well for years, which adds to their resale value.

People who buy tools know this and will buy them to resell again. Pawnshops will buy your secondhand tools for a reasonable price. Tools like drills, cordless saws, air compressors, air tools, and other power tools are wanted by pawn shops.

Think about the name-brand power tools when you bought them. They weren’t cheap, and you only needed them for a few months while you finished up your project. Other people have the same need. They are looking for used tools in good condition so they can finish up a project without breaking the bank.


How much can you get for a pawn shop from your used tools?

Name brand tools like DeWalt, Stihl, Bosch, and others bring top dollar as long as they are in good condition and cleaned up. How much a used tool can sell depends on the brand, condition, demand, and time of year. During the spring and early summer cleaning months, good power tools are in more demand, making selling them easier. Specialty tools like transits, laser levels, and automotive tools bring good money.

How To Get the Most Money

It’s a good idea to give your tool a quick look over. Some tips to improve what you can get from your preowned tool are plugging it in and making sure it turns on. If it is cordless make sure the battery is charged and turns the tool on. Give the tool a good cleaning before taking it to the pawnshop. Clean tools appear to be taken care of, and the pawnshop may not pay as much if they have to spend time cleaning it up before reselling it.

If you have the original receipts, manuals, and packaging, bring the tool in it. If you have all the components that go with the tool, gather them up and bring them. Extra batteries, replacement bits, saw blades, and a charging port with the tool will add value. Having these things is a bonus and helps you get paid for popular tools.

Maybe you have old tools. These tools have intrinsic value, and they may be worth big bucks. Some old tools were made with semiprecious metal, and the parts are now rare.

Hand tools have value as well. Wrenches, ratchets, and toolboxes full of various tools can be sold or pawned. Yard and garden tools, hand tools, wrecking bars, power tools all are wanted by pawnshops.

Pawnshops buy tools, and they loan on tools. If you need cash, look through your garage and toolbox and see what you can part with. If you decide you don’t want to sell your tools outright, you may want to consider a pawn loan using the tools as collateral, and when the loan is paid back, you can get them back. You have to determine what is the best choice for your situation. Pawnshops pay a fair market value for the tools they buy; of course, good tools equals a higher payout.

Sometimes tool parts go missing, people know this, and although you may lose some value, it might not stop you from selling it. Make sure to include any adaptors, drill bits and carry cases if you still have them.

Charge it up, buttercup!

Before taking your tool to the pawnshop, make sure to charge the battery fully! 

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There is nothing too small or too big for Pawn King. We are a full-service pawn shop that buys, sells, and loans on anything of value.