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Power tools, used tools, antique hammers, old tools, tools setting in your garage all have selling power. They can also be used to obtain a collateral loan from a pawn shop. Quality tools, just setting around in your garage, collecting dust, can be taken to a local pawn shop to get instant cash today.

On the other hand, if you are building something or have a home project, finding the best tools to help with projects can be expensive if you buy new. Brand named tools, power tools, wood carving equipment, vintage tools, hand tools, and air tools purchased pre-owned can save money.


Assess how much selling power you have at a Pawn Shop

Maybe you received new tools for Christmas, and now you want to purge some of your pre-owned tools. Where can you sell your pre-owned tools that are in good condition for quick cash?

Hand Tools

Pawn shops, like Pawn King, located in Stratford, CT, will buy, sell, and pawn quality pre-owned tools. They take various tools, and you can also buy tools if you need them for work or a project.


Pawn Shops buy, sell, and pawn:

  1. Hammer – iconic as they are, they are not out of fashion on the construction site!

  2. Hand Saw – needed to cut lumber; it would be difficult not to have one or a few different kinds. There are also drywall saws, circular saws, and crosscut saws.

  3. Wrenches and screwdrivers – These are a must. Without them, you can’t do small repairs or secure things together with screws. Pawn shops have sets of wrenches in multiple sizes.

  4. Levels and Measuring Squares – If you need a carpenter’s square, t-square, or other similar tools, Pawn King can help.

  5. Measure Tape – as simple as these seem, having a quality re-owned measuring tape can save you time and money.

  6. Chisels, shovels, crowbars, nail pullers, and other major hand tools that are both pre-owned and antique can be found at an affordable price at a pawnshop. Pawnshops also buys these tools. If you don’t want to lose your tool, you could consider using the tool as collateral for a pawn loan.

  7. Pawn shops like Pawn King have air compressors, air tools, a generator, circular saws, nail guns, an electric screwdrivers, an electric sanders, and other electric tools for a below-average price.


You have selling power at Pawn King

You can try to sell your over stock of tools through garage sales, but you may not have the foot traffic necessary to sell tools like you hoped you would. People expect to purchase the used tools for a cheap price.

Some garage sale frequenters may not appreciate the condition of the tools you are selling and offer you less money. This can be frustrating.

When you take a tool to sell at Pawn King, they will inspect it, appraise it, and ensure it is in good working order. They will then look up and determine the current market value of the tool. This process is the same if you are attempting to use your tools for a collateral pawn loan.

The value of the tool can be combined with other tools you want to sell or pawn to establish the value you need to get the cash you need.

Some people try to sell tools on eBay. You don’t have to be a professional eBay seller to sell things on their site. You just have to list it, post pictures, and pay the fees. You will have to contend with shipping what you sell and critiques from the purchaser if the tool you sold them doesn’t meet their expectations.

Sometimes people clean out their garages and sell their used tools at auction houses. This is an option, but be aware there are seller fees and premiums that cut into the amount you will get for your items.

quick cash

Pawn King Isn’t Like One of the Small Neighborhood Hardware Stores – It’s the Best Place For Hand Tools, Power Tools, Antique Tools, and Garage Items

Pawn King, owned and operated by Will and Cheryl, is the place in Stratford, CT where you can buy, sell, and pawn just about anything of value. They pay the highest prices in the area for valuable items. You can get fast cash the same day you visit their store.

army truck

There is nothing too large to sell or pawn at Pawn King. They even have military surplus, pawn on autos proving you have the correct documentation and ID, and have a large selection of jewelry. They place their customers first.


They sell name brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Craftsman, Ridgid, Bosch, and Skil. Their inventory is vast. You can sometimes find old wood carving equipment in the shop too. At Pawn King, you can shop and sell with confidence, because they test all tools. When you buy power tools from them, you know they are in good working order.

Quick Cash

Pawn King can get you quick cash by using your quality tools as collateral

Sometimes you need quick cash due to an unexpected situation. Banks have application and credit checks that need to be completed, and there is a waiting period for approval. Pawn King needs a government issued ID, and your item needs to have a value that covers the loan. They don’t do credit checks. Using your quality power tools as collateral can get you a short-term loan for quick cash.


Other items like jewelry, gold, bullion, collectibles, and more can be used as collateral. If you have a sentimental attachment to your valuable item, no worries. Once your loan is repaid, you will get your items back.

The tool marketplace also includes Facebook. Like eBay, you will have to meet with sellers, wade through the numerous tire kickers, and contend with shipping your tools to the purchaser when they sell. Wouldn’t it be easier to visit the people at Pawn King?

About Pawn King

Pawn King

Pawn King is located in Stratford, CT . They sell used tools at a fraction of the cost of new. There are no selling fees when you sell your tools to the pawn shop. There are pawn fees and interest if you decide to use your tools as collatera. Selling tools locally was never so easy.

Pawn King makes the whole process confidential and easy.